Do Words Matter Anymore

Use words to Build Up

Elesha Bennett
3 min readMar 25, 2022


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There are approximately 171,476 words in the English language according to an article on www. This number suggest people have a vast selection of words to choose from to express themselves. As Americans, we have the right to free speech. However, there is a way to say anything.

When I was a child my friends and I would make jokes about each other. The yo mama jokes were funny until someone goes too far, and feelings were hurt.

In my twenties, I did not always think about how what I said or wrote could affect someone. Now I find myself thinking about the listener and/or the reader. Words are powerful. Once said or written they cannot be taken back.

Life experience has taught me to be careful of which words I use to express my thoughts on any subject. Words can be the difference between life or death and peace or war.

Why is relevant?

People need encouragement. Folks walking around with smiles on their faces, but inside they are broken 💔. Between the Covid-19 loses, police brutality, open racism, loss of jobs and personal problems people need words to uplift their souls.

I am not saying there aren’t some correcting has to be done even in these times. I am saying we have an obligation to be careful of the words we choose. Tack is a real thing. Some of us need to start using it especially on social media platforms.

Truth is nobody knows what the next person is going through even in the best of times. It is clear by what people say when they find out someone has committed suicide. The narrative tends to go like this. "I didn’t know he/she was in so much pain. I wish I could have done or said something to stop him/her from taking his/her own life.”

I learned an important lesson years ago. My husband and I often ate lunch at work together with some of his co-workers. They would joke with each other.

For about two and a half weeks, the guys would make jokes to this one particular guy. He was quiet, and he would just look at them with a blank stare. They would say things like look at John over there. He is looking scared like he has lost his best friend. No man, more like Jody done got his girl and gone. You better…



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